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Ministries at Grace Episcopal Church

Pastoral Care

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Mission & Outreach

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Christian Formation

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Graceful Knitters

Meets Fridays, 3:00 – 5:00, Board Room of the Parish House

We are a social group of women who meet weekly and create prayer shawls, scarves, and other items for the ill and recovering, and needy members of the community.

We share patterns, tips, instructions, good stories, and wonderful fellowship in a worthy cause.

Bring your needles, yarn, crochet hooks – whatever – and join us.

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Environmental Concerns

The Environmental Concerns Committee seeks to make the best use of our natural resources, to promote stewardship and to educate ourselves, our parish, and our community in realistic and faith-based environmental solutions as caretakers of the resources God has given us. This Commitee meets the last Tuesday of every month. Meetings start at 5:30 pm in the Parish Hall


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The canons of the church state that to serve on a vestry, a person must be an adult confirmed communicant in good standing and an eligible voter of the parish.  Vestry persons are elected to represent the parish membership in temporal matters and to make wise and prayerful decisions concerning the life and ministry of the local church.  Vestry elections are held each year at the annual parish meeting.  The term of office is traditionally three years.  In the case of a vacancy during the year, the vestry may elect a new member to serve the unexpired term.

The Rector of the parish  presides at all meetings.  In  addition, the vestry upon nomination by the Rector, elects two of its members, one as Senior Warden and one as Junior Warden.  The Senior Warden serves as the legal representative of the parish and is in charge of all church activities in the absence of the rector.  The Junior Warden traditionally is responsible for the maintenance and well-being of all the buildings and grounds.

In addition, the vestry elects a Clerk, who is not necessarily a member of the vestry.  The task of this person is to record the minutes of the proceedings, preserve all records and belonging to the parish, and to attest the public acts of the vestry.  Lastly, the vestry elects a Treasurer, who may or may not be a member of the vestry.  This person's responsibility is to receive, disburse, and account for the funds of the parish.  The Vestry meets the third Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m.

Current Vestry Members

Terms expiring January 2010

Mary Lou Boehme (Senior Warden)

Mike McQuaid (Junior Warden)

Sylvia Saxon

Sherry Willard (Clerk)

Terms expiring January 2011

Newt Beck

Dale Call

Susan Crane (Treasurer)

Wes Hawn

Terms expiring January 2012

Tom Barstow

Bruce Randall

Judith Teele

Susan Wesley

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